why do I need to stay cool after a chemical peel?

PCA SKIN recommends remaining cool for 48 hours post-peel… but why?

The epidermis is comprised of several layers known as the basal layer, squamous layer, granular layer and the cornified layer.  When a chemical peel is applied, even if it’s very superficial (stratum corneum only), it can cause a separation of these layers.  If your patient sweats for any reason, either from a work out, getting into a hot vehicle, playing golf or sitting on the patio, water can become trapped between these layers, which can lead to blistering.  Blistering can then cause hyperpigmentation, depending on the severity.

Another reason for staying cool is that internal heat can also lead to hyperpigmentation, which is especially a concern for those with melasma.

Many clinicians choose alternative treatments during the summer months due to the increased chances of thermal heat or sweating.  Others will offer chemical peel treatments later in the day, so the patient has less UV-exposure than they would at an earlier time.

Get to know your patients’ lifestyles, workout schedules, jobs (in case they work in a hot kitchen), and even their vacation schedule.  Taking note of this will enable you to treat their skin accordingly and avoid any heat-related complications post-treatment.


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