how diet affects your skin

What you put in your body is just as important as the creams, cleansers and corrective products you apply to it. You can invest in luxurious ointments and miracle creams, but if your diet is lacking, your skin will be, too. So what should you be eating to achieve peak skin performance? Read on and find nutrient- and antioxidant-packed superfoods that will make your body’s biggest organ look radiant and healthy.

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Eat Your Vegetables 

Eating vegetables throughout the day is an essential part of achieving glowing skin. For starters, the water content in vegetables ensures your complexion stays hydrated. Additionally, vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals that help protect, repair and soothe skin, including the following.


Carrots are a great source of beta carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A. Retinol, a treatment often utilized by dermatologists in several forms (tretinoin is the prescribed form, while retinol is over-the-counter), is simply a high-dosage version of vitamin A that treats acne, wrinkles and many other skin conditions. Get your vitamin A naturally by making carrots a part of your weekly diet.


High in antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, broccoli is truly a skincare superfood. Vitamin E protects your skin cell membranes and guards against unwanted UV radiation. Furthermore, the nutrients in broccoli help to produce collagen, which keeps skin youthful and prevents wrinkles. If those benefits don’t convince you, broccoli is also high in fiber, so you’ll stay full and be less likely to binge on less nutritious alternatives.


Lycopene–the red carotene pigment that gives tomatoes their color–fights sun damage and free radicals. Cooked tomatoes boast the most benefit, as antioxidants are released during this process.

Other Commonsense Skincare Tips

As previously mentioned, water is essential to a healthy body and healthy skin. Staying hydrated helps your organs function properly, flushes out toxins and plumps your skin, giving you a youthful appearance. If you find drinking eight glasses of water a day to be boring, you can swap out a few cups for green tea, also hydrating and rich in antioxidants as well, such as epigallocatechin gallate.

Too much sugar can spike insulin and cause inflammation, which can lead to breakouts and more noticeable wrinkles. If you love fruit, try to consume it in the morning or early afternoon in order to give your body plenty of time to process the sugar before bedtime.

Remember, alcohol contains a ton of sugar, too! Drink responsibly and in moderation.

What are your beauty secrets? Leave them in the comments below!


This post was authored by Cassie Brewer.


One Response to how diet affects your skin

  1. Kristin says:

    Great article! Along with a good diet and PCA skin care regimen, I remind my clients to get a good night’s sleep.

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