the PCA SKIN advantage Q&A

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, PCA SKIN held a live Facebook chat and Q&A on our newest educational seminar, The PCA SKIN Advantage. For those who weren’t able to attend, the following are the questions asked and their answers.

Q: I’m already certified, should I still take this class?

A: Absolutely! While non-certified clinicians will become certified through this course, there is ample new information for the seasoned PCA SKIN professional as well, including brand new products, and incredible business-building tips and tricks.


Q: How can I find out the next time you are visiting my area?

A: A great resource is our website’s Education page where you can locate a class near you. If you prefer, you can also call in to speak with one of our education specialists at 877.PCA.PEEL [722.7335].


Q: Is the new class hands-on at all?

A: We do have a hands-on portion towards the end of the day.


Q: I have taken a hands-on class with you before, but I needed a model. Do I need to bring a model?

A: You will have the opportunity to perform, receive or assist a hands-on peel with the other attendees in the class, so no model is needed.


Q: How long is this class?

A: This course is 8 hours long.


Q: Can you take this new class if you just graduated beauty school but don’t have your license yet? Also would you recommend this class to a new aesthetician?

A: You do not have to have your license, however those without a license during class cannot perform the professional treatments themselves. This is a great class for a new aesthetician!


Q: Does it cover advanced treatments?

A: The PCA SKIN Advantage covers our staple treatments. For more advanced treatment, we recommend our advanced course, Advanced Peeling Techniques.


Q: How much is the class and does it come with product?

A: We have four different packages available depending on your needs. You can find out more at by clicking HERE and locating a class near you.


Q: Will be learning all of the professional PCA SKIN treatments in the new class?

A: We focus on the key, condition-specific PCA SKIN treatments in this course — professional, as well as daily care — and show how you can boost your bottom line with just these staples. For more in-depth, hands-on experience on our line of professional treatments, we recommend taking the second day Peel Fundamentals course.


Q: Do you do individual office instruction at our location, or do we have to go to a class training site?

A: We have national seminars all over the country. If you’re interested in holding a class within your practice, please contact our education team for details at 877.PCA.PEEL [722.7335]. We do recommend a national if you can, due to the hands-on nature of the course.


Q: I took the hands-on advance seminar last fall; I enjoyed learning how to layer different peels together. What would I be taught now?

A: In The PCA SKIN Advantage seminar you will also be learning about our newest products — four of which launched or will be launching just this year. Another key component is the business-building section, which has already proven valuable for attendees to date.


As always, please call or email with any questions you may have that were not answered in this post: 877.PCA.PEEL [722.7335] or


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