customer profile: Jennifer Flores

This week’s Customer Profile comes from California-based aesthetician Jennifer Flores of JFSkincare.

Name: Jennifer Flores

Business: JFSkincare

City and State of Business: Rolling Hills Estates, CA

1. How long have you been a skin health professional?

Over ten years consecutively.

2. What are the primary skin types and conditions you have treated?

A dynamical wide spectrum, but mainly aging and hormonal acne-prone skin.

3. Why did you become a skin health professional? 

Over ten years ago, working as a burn technician at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, I became fascinated with how delicate yet self-healing the human skin actually was. Learning through top burn and skin educators at the time, I decided to enroll in college and complete my education as a Medical Aesthetician.

4. Tell us about a time you improved a patient’s life by addressing their skin concerns.

A trend I have seen over the last few years is that teens are now becoming more aware of their skin. One particular teenager had severe active acne. Unfortunately, this patient had tried numerous over the counter products, antibiotics and topical ointments. After this patient’s self-esteem was pretty much left delicately in my hands, I consulted with the patient and gave a structured regimen incorporating PCA products to help combat the acne that was occurring.

After approximately three months, the patient returned once again for a scheduled visit. You could tell how much this patient appreciated the assistance that was given over the last few months. This patient explained how great it  felt to have their self confidence back. Knowing that I helped someone regain their confidence about themselves makes my job so self-rewarding.

5. Do you have a favorite modality used in the treatment room?  


6. What makes you a successful skin health professional? 

Being a great listener. I enjoy understanding my patients’ skincare concerns and providing them with results that will benefit them in the future.

7. Why did you choose to partner with PCA SKIN? 

As a consumer at the time, I was introduced to PCA SKIN back when it was first launched. The PCA product line never created adverse effects on my skin. As a professional aesthetician, going through advanced PCA educational courses has made me feel very comfortable about using the PCA product line on my patients.

8. When did you start treating patients with PCA SKIN daily care products and professional treatments? 

I began using PCA SKIN back in 2009.

9. What is your favorite PCA SKIN daily care product and why?

Perfecting Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 30 personally and professionally. I do have acne-prone skin and this product does not allow my skin to breakout.

10. What is your favorite PCA SKIN professional treatment and why?

Sensi Peel® with Ultra Peel® II. This is definitely my favorite treatment. The majority of my patients love the results, regardless of skin condition. Seeing the drastic changes in skin texture and color with the right amount of passes is amazing!

11. What would you say to a newly certified PCA SKIN professional? 

Educate yourself, become a great listener and supply your patients with the knowledge of PCA treatments and product resources.

If you are a PCA Certified Professional interested in being profiled in this series, please email


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