customer profile: Michelle Schoenfeld

This week’s Customer Profile comes from Arizona-based aesthetician Michelle Schoenfeld of Skin GLO Studio.

Name: Michelle Schoenfeld

Business: Skin GLO Studio

City and State of Business: Mesa, AZ

1. How long have you been a skin health professional?

Since 2007, treating my patients with PCA SKIN the entire time.

2. Which skin types and conditions do you primarily treat?

All skin types, love working and treating a variety of skin types, sensitive, aging, acneic, photodamage, etc.

3. Why did you become a skin health professional?

I was working first as a hair stylist at a salon/spa and was drawn to the treatment room, even more so behind the chair. I feel like I was born to do this career and now that I’m in it, there is not a day that I take it for granted.

4. Tell us about a time you improved a patient’s life by addressing their skin concerns.

This is hard to nab down to one time with one client. Every day people say to me, “Oh I’m so excited to be here at Skin GLO; I’ve been waiting all week to come here!” This career is so rewarding. One client came to me just last week and said, “Michelle the PCA products you have me on plus your treatments have lifted my hyperpigmentation 50% already, even my husband noticed!”

5. Do you have a favorite modality in the treatment room?

I am an aesthetician that loves technologies and gadgets. I love my TimeMaster toy, my Ultrasonic Skin Spatula, love dermaplaning the skin and especially in conjunction with PCA peels for more advanced results.

6. What makes you a successful skin health professional?

I genuinely care about people, their experience, and their results and am absolutely dedicated to my role as a skin care therapist and spa owner!

7. Why did you choose to partner with PCA SKIN?

The products work, first and foremost. I love that I know the name and face of their chemist, and her active role in the business. I have trust in the PCA line. I personally have worked for PCA as a Physician’s Consultant so I’ve not only been a customer, I’ve been on the other end of the phone helping PCA customers. I think that has given me a greater perspective of the company and the people that run the show. I couldn’t imagine my practice without the PCA line.

8. What is your favorite PCA SKIN daily product and why?

I’m in love with Perfecting Neck & Décolleté, Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 and Total Strength Serum.

9. What is your favorite PCA SKIN professional treatment and why?

I’m obsessed with Hydrate: Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask; I cannot live without it on my back bar! I also love to prep the skin with dermaplane and do a couple layers of Ultra Peel® I.

10. What would you say to a newly certified PCA SKIN professional?

Seek as much education as you can and don’t ever be afraid to pick up the phone and run things by your friendly and knowledgeable Physician Consultants.

If you are a PCA Certified Professional interested in being profiled in this series, please email


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