customer profile: Krystal Keidel

This week’s Customer Profile comes from North Dakota-based aesthetician Krystal Keidel of Skin at the Institute of Facial Surgery.

Name: Krystal Keidel

Business: Skin at the Institute of Facial Surgery

City and State of Business: Bismarck, ND

1. How long have you been a skin health professional?

25 years

2. What are the primary skin types and conditions you treat?

Acne, age-related skin conditions, and hyperpigmentation related to both sun damage and hormones.

3. Why did you become a skin health professional?  

I strive to always look and feel my best and truly believe that when you look good, you feel good. I love to pass that good feeling on to my patients.

4. Tell us about a time you improved a patient’s life by addressing their skin concerns.

Acne is always a rewarding condition to work with. I enjoy hearing that a patient feels so much more confident when they start to see results.

5. Do you have a favorite modality used in the treatment room?

Chemical peels are my favorite treatment!

6. What makes you a successful skin health professional?

I enjoy getting to know my patients and understanding their lifestyles. I spend time learning about what products and treatments they have tried in the past, and what has and has not worked for them, that way I can customize a regimen and treatment plan that works best for them.

7. Why did you choose to partner with PCA SKIN?

Our office first started using PCA back in the 90s when the physician that started our practice started using CO2 laser. We needed a good skin care line for these patients and shopped around. We found PCA and haven’t looked back!

8. When did you start treating patients with PCA SKIN daily care products and professional treatments?

20 years ago!!!

9. What is your favorite PCA SKIN daily care product and why?

Rejuvenating Serum. I love the smell, the texture and the anti-aging properties.

10. What is your favorite PCA SKIN professional treatment and why?

Ultra Peel. I love how hydrating it is.

11. What would you say to a newly certified PCA SKIN professional? 

PCA has always been a great partner to work with. They are always available to answer questions and the continuing education is excellent. They continue to be innovative with their products and treatment solutions, and have the science to back it all up. You can trust that your patients and clients will get results with this skin care line.

If you are a PCA Certified Professional interested in being profiled in this series, please email


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