bizarre beauty trends – part III

From the bee sting facial to the vampire facial, it seems bizarre beauty trends continue to appear in the treatment room. With so many cultures and countries interested in the ultimate anti-aging facial, it is no wonder we are still looking for the fountain of youth. In this installment of Bizarre Beauty Trends we discuss The Caviar Facial, The Bird Poop Facial and The 24-Karat Gold Facial.

the caviar facial


No longer just an hors d’oeuvre for the rich and famous, caviar is now used in the treatment room to enhance a facial. Nutrient-rich, hydrating, and filled with vitamins A, B and D, caviar is said to leave the complexion glowing and radiant. Dermatologists, however, suggest otherwise.

Dr. David Leffell, a leading dermatologist and expert consultant for ABC News, states that human skin cannot readily absorb the nutrients found in caviar. So, routinely applying caviar to the skin may not live up to all it claims. To truly see anti-aging benefits, it is recommended to add collagen-building peptides and retinols into your daily regimen.

the bird poop facial

Arguably one of the more bizarre of the beauty trends, the “Bird Poop Facial” is playfully referred to as the “Geisha Facial” due to its opaque, white appearance when applied to the skin. This treatment incorporates nightingale droppings; the Japanese nightingale has a higher concentration of urea, found in urine, and guanine, an amino acid, which is why this bird’s droppings in particular are used. Once the droppings have been sterilized and dehydrated into a powder, the powder is mixed with water to form a paste and then applied to the skin. The result is skin that is clean, soft and hydrated.

This exotic treatment, however, doesn’t bring one closer to the fountain of youth and, for the high price point associated with this facial, it seems a hydrating mask would provide the same benefits.

24-karat gold facial

Precious metals applied to the skin for the purpose of anti-aging seem a little far-fetched. According to sources, applying 24-karat gold to the skin improves cellular generation, firms the skin, and minimizes the depletion of collagen and elastin by instigating the wound healing response. Some proponents of the 24-karat gold facial claim this treatment will lighten and brighten the skin while leaving behind a beautiful glow.

This expensive treatment is no doubt luxurious, but with these benefits, it seems a light, blended chemical peel could get the job done quicker and at a more affordable price. Consider the Sensi Peel® from PCA SKIN for an even tone and brilliant complexion.

Although these exotic treatments sound promising, their high prices and minimal long-term benefits don’t seem to outweigh the undeniable benefits of regular monthly treatments and a comprehensive daily care regimen.

Have you come across any additional bizarre beauty trends? If so, please share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook fan page.


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