what is the bee sting facial?

There has been some recent buzz surrounding the bee sting facial, developed in England and popularized by Heaven by Deborah Mitchell, a skin care line developed in the UK. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is one of the more notable celebrities who receives this unusual facial on a regular basis to keep her skin looking flawless. It has been available in the US for several months now, but only a few select locations carry the bee venom facial since it is shipped from the UK .

Image courtesy of hudabeauty.com.

Image courtesy of hudabeauty.com.

Although it sounds painful, patients are not actually stung repeatedly with live bees. The venom is contained within treatment masks and applied to the skin. Patients have reported that the facial has a pleasant honey aroma and a slight tingling sensation upon application.

The benefits of the bee venom have been compared to that of Botox®, as it causes muscles to relax. An added benefit is the stimulation of collagen, increased blood flow in the area of application and an increase in the number of keratinocytes within the skin.

So how exactly does the venom get into the products and onto the skin? The bee sting facial does in fact contain venom and the process does not harm the bees. Bee venom is extracted from live bees by placing a piece of glass near the hive and sending electrical currents through the glass. The bees are then aggravated and sting the glass, releasing their venom while keeping their abdomen intact. The venom is collected on the glass, dried and purified before being incorporated into facial products and treatment masks. The treatment itself typically lasts up to an hour and can cost upwards of $145.

Have you heard of the bee venom or bee sting facial? Have you ever had one? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below!


4 Responses to what is the bee sting facial?

  1. Shlomit says:

    Why would one would want to put bees into such aggravated state for an hour of pleaser? How long dose the blood flow last and what dose it means when a number of keratinocytes increase?

    • Irrelevant says:

      Keratinocytes are the basic cells that become full grown skin cells once they move upwards to the outside skin layers. The more you have them, the quicker the old, damaged skin cells will be shed from your skin, and the younger/smoother your skin will look.

  2. I am so impressed by the way you have written this blog post about my treatment, a couple of extra points is the duchess of Cornwall first had the BSF ( the bee sting facial) .
    There is a secret ingredient in the products used which means although people may have allergies to bees, they still can have the BSF
    Thank you

  3. Irrelevant says:

    This is so cool!

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