stem cell growth factor quiz

Now that the PCA SKIN rePAIR & protect promotion is coming to an end, it’s time for you to test your stem cell extract knowledge with the following quiz. Reference the previous blogs to find the answers.

Good luck!

1. True or False: Stem cells derived from botanical sources cannot mimic the action of human stem cells.

2. Multiple Choice: What benefits do plant stem cell extracts provide within human skin?

a. Antioxidant protection

b. Guard against inflammation

c. Protect human DNA by neutralizing free redicals

d. All of the above

3. True or False: Real stem cells do not actually exist in plants; we derive “plant cell culture” from plant sources.

4. PCA SKIN® uses ___________ and ____________ in several corrective products.

a. Swiss Apple Cell Extract

b. Lilac Leaf Stem Cell Extract

c. Grape Fruit Stem Cell Extract

d. Gardenia Cell Extract

5. Multiple Choice: Which of the following product(s) from PCA SKIN contain stem cell extract?

a. Intensive Age Refining Treatment: 0.5% pure retinol night

b. Rejuvenating Serum

c. C-Quench® Antioxidant Serum

d. Intensive Clarity Treatment: 0.5% pure retinol night


Scroll down for the answers!

No cheating now!

Keep scrolling!


1. True

2. d. All of the above

3. True

4. b and c

5. b, c and d


One Response to stem cell growth factor quiz

  1. Shanna Watkins says:

    I love all the PCA Skin stem cell products! My skins looks great and my clients skin looks young and refreshed.

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