daily care for the body

As the weather warms, many of us become acutely aware of the skin on our bodies, as it comes out from behind the long pants and sweaters of winter. Many of the same conditions that affect the skin on the face also appear on the body, but because we are able to cover much of the skin on our bodies, these conditions are often ignored or neglected. Although the common conditions that affect the skin on the body are no different from when they appear on the face, they need to be addressed slightly differently due to the physiological differences between the skin on the face and the body.

how is it different?

Physiologically speaking, the skin on the face and the skin on the body are similar, but their slight differences have a significant effect on how we treat them. Oil production is typically much lower in the skin on the body versus that of the face. This is because the majority of the body’s sebaceous glands are on the face and scalp, which make dry and impacted skin more common on the body. This is why most body-specific moisturizers can, and should be, richer and more hydrating.

The skin on the body is also thicker than on the face. The facial epidermis is approximately .12mm in thickness, while the skin on the body falls in the .60mm range. Thicker skin can cause negative responses, such as an increased risk of bacterial proliferation or hyperkeratosis. On the contrary, thicker skin can also be a positive, as it can typically tolerate more active products without discomfort. Therefore, body-specific daily care products and in-office procedures can often contain higher percentages of exfoliating acids and corrective ingredients without the risk of causing irritation or inflammation.

Because the skin on the body is inherently dry, cell turnover rates are significantly slower. The body is not as frequently exposed as the face to climate and weather, which also affects the natural desquamation process.

To make the skin on the body healthy, clear and hydrated, it is important to use a body-specific moisturizer that addresses its unique needs. Body Therapy by PCA SKIN is the perfect formulation for the special needs of the skin on the body.

PCA SKIN Body Therapy

PCA SKIN Body Therapy

Containing 12% lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that is also an important component of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, Body Therapy provides intense moisture in addition to supporting improved exfoliation. Use this moisturizer each night on the hands, feet (spa socks over a good application of Body Therapy leaves feet baby soft by morning!) and all over the body. Regular use will help to improve the surface texture of skin, while promoting an even skin tone and a clear complexion. Give the skin on your body the same attention you give your face all year long.


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