PCA SKIN named ThinkGlobal exporter of the year

PCA SKIN is commonly recognized for its effective professional treatments and scientific approach to skin care, and now PCA SKIN’s business structure is receiving its own notoriety among the business community. ThinkGlobal Inc. has announced PCA SKIN as one of its recipients of the 2013 Exporter of the Year Award, which recognizes small to medium-sized businesses for their success in exporting.

To earn the award, PCA SKIN led the health and beauty/fashion category in the total number of documented export deals completed in 2011, total percentage increase of sales in 2011 compared to 2010, and exports as percentage of total sales.

“It is a great honor for PCA SKIN to be recognized for our success in exporting; we are committed to providing the best skin health options in more than 70 countries,” said Jamie True, PCA SKIN International Business Development Director. “We look forward to continued domestic and global growth, underscoring the importance of world-class products and care through our licensed skin health professionals.”

Additionally, PCA SKIN’s achievement was recognized by the Arizona business community, where PCA SKIN headquarters resides, with a feature in AZ Business magazine:

The award will be officially presented to PCA SKIN on April 24, 2013, in Washington D.C., where 13 companies throughout the country will be presented Exporter of the Year Awards in their own categories. ThinkGlobal Inc. is the publisher of Commercial News USA, the official export promotion magazine of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Stay tuned to our press room and social media channels for the latest articles from PCA SKIN. Articles can be leveraged within your own practices and distributed through social media to help promote your PCA SKIN professional treatment and daily care product offerings to clients.


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