march: PCA SKIN in the press

During the month of March, PCA SKIN industry experts contributed articles to both  Skin Inc. and Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa (LNE) magazines.

hair removal

In the March 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine, Michelle Goldsmith, a PCA SKIN National Educator, discusses best practices when treating the skin before, during and after hair removal.

Skin Inc. March 2013

Skin Inc. March 2013

The practice of hair removal dates back to the age of the cave men; however, we now know that hair removal entails more than just the hair as the skin is also directly affected by hair removal techniques. The skin health professional must also treat and protect the surrounding skin before, during and after the process of removing unwanted hair. Michelle Goldsmith gives a brief history of hair removal and dives deeper into the many forms still used today in popular culture.

Also discussed in this article are retail and complementary treatments that can be implemented by the skin health professional to safeguard treatment outcomes. Post-care tips and tricks are also included in order to maintain the integrity of the skin no matter the hair removal technique used.

taking natural ingredients into the lab

Dr. Ivana Veljkovic, head of Research & Development and International Regulatory Compliance, uncovers the divide between science and marketing when defining naturally versus synthetically derived ingredients in the March 2013 edition of LNE.

LNE March 2013

LNE March 2013

When science and marketing meet, more often than not, the consumer and the skin health professional are left confused. This is especially true when discussing the difference between “natural” and “synthetic” ingredients used in skin care formulations. Dr. Veljkovic describes how synthetically derived ingredients not only mimic a raw material’s molecular structure,  but also minimize the depletion of the naturally derived sources due to over harvesting.

Thanks to modern technology, many of the sought after ingredients used in skin care today are synthetically derived, which allows for consistent, sustainable and safe formulations.

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