shaving considerations for men

The skin industry is finally making a dent on the treatment of men.  There are many different products that are marketed toward men’s skin health, but what about when they come to your treatment room? Men, too, have acne, uneven skin tone and aging concerns, all of which can be addressed with a chemical peel treatment.

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PCA SKIN® has blended and enhanced peel solutions, such as the Sensi Peel®, which creates little to no irritation and downtime — exactly what men want, not to look like they just had a treatment done!

But there are some different contraindications when treating men’s skin as opposed to women. The most important, and often overlooked, is shaving. Approximately 1.3 billion men use a razor blade to shave worldwide, with 75% of them shaving their face daily. Shaving not only removes unwanted hair, but also removes part of the stratum corneum, much like microdermabrasion or a light dermabrasion treatment. When performing either of these two treatments prior to a peel, we know the peel penetration will increase due to the removal of dead surface cells. Therefore, a man shaving the same day as a peel treatment will cause similar results as doing a microdermabrasion with a peel.

Keeping this in mind, it is recommended to ask your male patients when they last shaved. This will help you gauge their sensitivity and may alter the peel treatment you were planning on performing. We always want to ensure men wait at least 24 hours to shave after the peel treatment as well to limit any undue trauma and irritation that can aggravate current skin conditions.

Another great recommendation would be to have them use Total Wash Face & Body Cleanser as a shaving gel. This formulation is blended with surfactants, calming and soothing agents, as well as hydrating ingredients. It helps to clear follicle debris while providing the perfect amount of slip and glide for shaving. This is also great for women to shave their legs, too.

PCA SKIN's Total Wash Face & Body Cleanser

PCA SKIN’s Total Wash Face & Body Cleanser

Have you treated male patients with any specific PCA SKIN peel to achieve incredible results? Share your story in the comments below or on the PCA SKIN Facebook page.


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