The New SkinSmart Is Here!

As we head into the end of the month, the March/April 2013 edition of PCA SKIN’s SkinSmart is here to share more useful information from trusted skin care professionals that you can use when treating your clients. This edition features articles from Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Jennifer Linder, Lead Chemist Dr. Ivana Veljkovic, Director of Education Danae Markland and Customer Service Manager Natalie Brown.

PCA SKIN's Resource Bulletin

Dr. Linder stresses the importance of year-round sunscreen use, as the penetrating UVA rays responsible for visible aging are constantly bombarding our skin. Clinicians need to remind patients that sunscreen isn’t just for stopping sunburn and is a vital aspect of any skin care routine.

When treating a skin condition, it’s important to remember that a host of ingredients will be more effective than one single element, according to Dr. Veljkovic. She explains how PCA SKIN makes sure to prepare products with cohesive and complimentary ingredients that achieve optimal results.

For professionals interested in advanced education, there are a variety of seminars available offering new ideas about ways to help treat patients. As Danae Markland writes, PCA SKIN is committed to offering educational opportunities with both live and online seminars. Make sure to check SkinSmart for information on upcoming events.

Finally, Natalie Brown explains how it’s important to look at the customer’s point of view when naming treatments. Clinicians might be used to scientific or straightforward naming conventions, but clients might be put off by the verbiage.

Look for the March/April 2013 edition of SkinSmart in your mailboxes in the coming week and get all of the aforementioned information straight from the source!


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