PCA SKIN celebrates black history month

In honor of February being Black History Month, we wanted to focus this blog on treatments that are great choices for ethnic skin types. Many consumers may not know that chemical peel treatments are safe for people of color. PCA SKIN understands that everyone’s skin is unique and many of our treatments and products are safe and highly effective on ethnic skin.

Male Clinician

The following are appropriate for all Fitzpatrick types:


Sensi Peel® – This gentle solution is a blended trichloroacetic acid (TCA) treatment formulated primarily for ethnic skin. Lactic and l-ascorbic acids help to hydrate and strengthen, while kojic and azelaic acids brighten skin. Arbutin additionally helps even out skin tone.

Smoothing Body Peel – This two-step treatment combines TCA with lactic and salicylic acids to smooth and hydrate skin.

Note: The PCA Peel® with Hydroquinone and PCA Peel® Hydroquinone free can be used on Fitzpatrick types I-IV or I-V, respectively.The Ultra Peel® I can be used on Fitzpatrick types I-V.

Peel Alternatives

Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment – This solution blends lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids to effectively penetrate pores and dissolve blackheads.

Oxygenating Trio – This three-step treatment combines alpha and beta hydroxy acids with superoxide dismutase and hydrogen peroxide to stimulate cutaneous oxygenation and rejuvenate stressed skin.

Therapeutic Masks

Hydrate: Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask – Utilizes oat extracts to remedy dry skin conditions, taking hydration to a new level.

Revitalize: Therapeutic Papaya Mask – Combines an active blend of papaya, honey and fruit extracts to revitalize skin.

Clarify: Therapeutic Salicylic Acid Mask – Combines 20% salicylic acid to clarify dull complexions.

Note: The Retexturize: Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask can be used on Fitzpatrick types I-IV.

Boosters and Enhancements

Esthetique Peel or Ultra Peel® II – Either optional retinoid booster may be used post-treatment for all peels, peel alternatives and masks.

Replenishing Gel and Calming Balm – These enhancements may also be added to any protocol for additional protective and soothing benefits.

Treatment outcomes can be maximized by learning the art of customizing with PCA SKIN’s multi-faceted corrective daily care products.  Always complete treatments with ReBalance and protect skin from harmful UV rays with the appropriate SPF product depending on skin type.

Remember that gentle treatment delivers more dramatic and consistent outcomes. Healthy skin naturally glows from the inside, resulting in beautiful skin!

Feel free to call us at 877.PCA.SKIN [722.7546] or email us at info@pcaskin.com anytime with questions about treating ethnic skin.


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  1. omer says:

    I didnt get any change aftr peeln of my face:-(

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