giving your hands a helping hand

The skin on our hands is likely some of the hardest working and most neglected on our bodies. You may think that feet take the worst beating, but they are covered and protected from UV exposure much of the time, reducing the stress on that skin.

Hands endure an onslaught of caustic ingredients, and too much exposure to water and sun. This being true, hands are also typically neglected – even by those that spend hundreds of dollars on products for their faces.

To help mitigate some of the stress on hands, follow some of these helpful tips.

1. When applying age and hyperpigmentation controlling products and antioxidant serums to your face, dispense a little more than you will need for your face and after smoothing it onto the skin on your face apply the remainder to the backs of your hands and forearms.

2. Follow this same rule when applying sunscreen. Ideally everyone should be applying adequate broad spectrum SPF to all exposed ares 20 minutes prior to exposure.

3. Be aware of where you rest your hands when driving. UVA rays travel right through glass, so while commuting or driving around town try to position your hands out of direct sun. This is, of course, only if it does not impair you ability to drive safely!

4. Every evening before bed, apply Body Therapy all over, but concentrate on hands, cuticles and elbows. If you have spa gloves, put them over Body Therapy to enhance the penetration of the 12% lactic acid. Your hands will be baby soft when you wake up. (hint: this is a life saver on your feet as well!)

Next time you get a professional treatment, have your hands treated to the same peel or mask you are receiving on your face. We take so much time trying to preserve the youth of our facial skin, but all too often it is the hands that give away a person’s age or poor lifestyle choices. Give your hands a helping hand…


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