tips from Dr. Linder on infant skin care

Our natural instincts go into overdrive when we have a baby that needs our care. When it comes to a baby’s skin, the images of bubble baths, baby powder and fragranced baby lotions come to mind. Although there are thousand of infant skin care products available, this is a time in life when ‘less is more’ should be our skin care mantra. Our often over zealous efforts to bathe our babies can lead to rashes, irritation and eczema.

A baby with eczema, courtesy of

Although we at PCA always recommend that concerned parents seek advice from their children’s pediatrician, there are some safe and effective measures that can be taken to alleviate eczema in babies.  First, it is wise to limit bathing babies to once or twice a week and minimize the use of soap and any drying or fragranced products. But, if irritation does occur, a great option to soothe the skin is PCA SKIN Hydrating Serum. Dr. Linder actually uses this regularly on her own daughter. If eczema patches are not open or overly irritated, another option is Body Therapy. Dr. Linder suggests doing a patch test with Body Therapy prior to applying it to large areas, just to ensure it is well-tolerated.  A good regimen is to use Hydrating Serum multiple times per day to heal any abrasions and then switch to Body Therapy, if tolerated, for maintenance. An OTC hydrocortisone cream can also be used, to reduce inflammation and irritation.  If these measures do not improve the baby’s skin, consider visiting a pediatric dermatologist.

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