sometimes the whole isn’t better than the sum of its parts…chamomile

Botanicals (plants) are often thought of as ‘natural’ and therefore more gentle than other types of ingredients.  This is not always the case. Chemically, plants are classified as mixtures.  Mixtures are combinations of multiple substances that do not have a fixed composition.  This means that the percentage of a particular portion of the botanical will vary from plant to plant and from year to year.  Chamomile , green tea, borage oil, shea butter and lavender are all examples of mixtures. These mixtures contain hundreds of separate components.  For example, according to, chamomile contains the sesquiterpenes (alpha-bisabolol, bisbolol-oxides A and B, and farnesene), sesquiterpenelactones (including the blue compound chamazulene), and acetylene derivatives. Phenolic compounds found in the chamomile flowers include hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives, caffeic acid, and flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin, and chamaemeloside). Coumarin has also been identified in chamomile.

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Chamomile is related to ragweed, so there are potential allergens as part of the mixture as a whole. It has demonstrated both histamine-inducing and histamine-suppressing action in different individuals.  To avoid the potential of irritation and highlight the calming and soothing action of this botanical, PCA SKIN chooses to use the most potent of the components of the chamomile plant, alpha-bisabolol.  This gives us the ability to provide excellent calming and soothing benefits.  You can find bisabolol in C-Strength 15% and 20%, Clearskin, ReBalance, Rejuvenating Serum, Anti-Redness Serum, Peptide Lip Therapy Total Wash Face & Body Cleanserand Calming Balm. Note that we do use Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract  (otherwise known as Roman chamomile) in our BPO 5% Cleanser and Acne Cream, as there are components in chamomile that deliver purifying properties.


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