PCA SKIN celebrates Earth Day every day

We at PCA SKIN take caring for our environment seriously. At every level of our company, we go to great lengths to ensure that the act of doing business leads only to positive outcomes. In our offices, business practices, and even in the way we live our lives, environmental impact is taken to heart.

Our newly renovated World Headquarters was painted with all low VOC paint, and our cafe features a living wall made up of the plants that NASA deemed the most effective at cleaning indoor air of common pollutants. Using the NASA list as a guide, we filled our Headquarters with 10 times the number of plants that you would find in a typical office. Additionally, we have on-site recycling for all materials and the lights in all of the offices are on motion sensors, to minimize the unnecessary use of electricity.

The production and distribution of our products also reflects our commitment to the environment. We use raw materials only from renewable sources, and will use engineered molecules when the ingredient in nature is at risk. Also, although overseas packaging companies often offer lower prices, we moved all of our bottle manufacturing to a family-owned Arizona company. This reduces the miles the packaging would need to travel to us, as well as supporting a local business. When we ship our products, all the packaging materials are made of 100% vegetable oil that breaks down readily after use-you could even throw it in your garden and it would disappear harmlessly.

Our company’s CEO lives in a 100% solar-powered home that won an Environmental Design award from the City of Scottsdale. Their home actually instigated a change in the requirements of home solar panels in Scottsdale.

Technology is key to business, and is changing at lightning speed. Computers becoming outdated is a challenge for many companies. We recycle all our computers through school systems, and are making a major donation of 35 computers this Earth Day.

We will continue to work hard to improve people’s lives, provide professionals with the tools to create healthy skin for their patients, and care for the Earth.


2 Responses to PCA SKIN celebrates Earth Day every day

  1. Joan Miller Tomeu says:

    proud to be part of this company

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