April is rosacea awareness month

Although the latest 2010 research from the National Rosacea Society suggest that rosacea affects nearly 16 million Americans, a large majority of those affected have no knowledge of the condition or how to treat it. As rosacea awareness month, April is a great time to take that extra time to educate your patients about this chronic condition.

Some important facts about rosacea:

  • it is seen more in women aged 30-50, although it typically affect men more destructively.
  • people with rosacea tend to get red more easily and remain red longer when exercising, in heat or under stress.
  • dry skin and barrier dysfunction are common, and if not addressed in conjunction with the redness the symptoms will usually worsen.
  • rosacea will continue to worsen if left untreated.

Common triggers for rosacea:

• drinking alcoholic beverages

• using alcohol-based products topically

• eating spicy foods

• drinking hot beverages such as coffee and tea

• leading a stressful lifestyle

• saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs

• exercise

• extremes in temperature

• aggressive mechanical exfoliation of the skin (e.g. loofahs, nut-based scrubs)

Currently, rosacea cannot be cured. It is usally best controlled using a combination of prescriptions, cosmeceuticals and lifestyle considerations. Feel free to contact us or visit pcaskin.com for more information about rosacea, and the products and treatments available for its treatment.


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