the future of retinol is here

Retinoids (vitamin A) have long been seen by dermatologists as the gold standard for treating acne and aging skin. The prescription options contain retinoic acid, the retinoid that interacts directly with the receptors in the skin. Although highly effective, these prescriptions can cause irritation, redness and even skin cracking for some patients. On the other hand, retinol, also a vitamin A, is converted into retinoic acid in the skin on an ‘as needed’ basis, so it produces less surface stimulation. This makes retinol a great option for many skin types and conditions.

Retinol is not new to cosmetic and cosmeceutical products. The majority of products available without a prescription are formulated using what is called a retinol complex. This is retinol blended with either retinol esters or other support ingredients that stabilize the retinol and increase its efficacy. These are beneficial, but the percentage of pure retinol is only part of the complex, so although they deliver excellent visible results without irritation and redness, those results usually come more slowly. In contrast, pure retinol products deliver amazing results that can truly rival that of a prescription. These products must use advanced stabilization technologies to protect the inherently unstable retinoid. We at PCA have done just that. Newly available, Intensive Clarity o.5% pure retinol night and Intensive Age Refining 0.5% pure retinol night provide unprecedented results.

These two new formulas are also special because they do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Intensive Clarity incorporates additional support ingredients that make it excellent for breakout control and evening skin tone.  Intensive Age Refining is designed to correct the variety of challenges faced by aging skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, laxity and dehydration. These new formulas have already been recognized by beauty editors at O Magazine, Vogue and Redbook! We are excited to share the best in pure retinol. Give us a call, or visit to find out more about the future of retinol.


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