Summertime Clues

Ok, so it’s only the beginning of March, and you’re probably wondering why we are posting a blog about summer treatments….  Well, in a few months, the weather will be warming up, and your patients are going to be planning their summer vacations.  Sometimes chemical peels aren’t always the best type of treatment this time of year, mainly because it’s important to stay cool after a peel.  As a clinician, you need to be planning ahead in order to maintain the health of your patients’ skin and practice revenue in the commonly slower summer months.

Start talking to your patients about their vacation plans.  This way you can begin to plan treatments that will maintain their skin health and minimize any treatment risks.

Treatment masks are a great alternative to chemical peels during the summer months.  Masks are typically removed so there is less time on tissue.  As a result, they don’t penetrate as deeply.  Enzyme masks, such as pumpkin or papaya, work to dissolve keratinized skin cells on the surface of the skin; salicylic masks are also keratolytic, but salicylic also assists with sebum regulation and keeps the pores clear of debris.  Retinoid masks will assist with cellular turnover, pigment control and collagen production.  Clay-based masks help to detoxify the skin and refine pores.

If masks are not an option for some reason, consider an antioxidant treatment.  Summer brings increased UV exposure and increased pollution, which results in an increased need for antioxidants.  You may consider having patients come into your practice for one of these specialized treatments once a week.

Another thing to consider is to make sure your patients have enough daily care and SPF product to last them through any long-term vacations.  Many times patients will leave town, or even leave the country, and then call you in a panic because they are out of product.  Shipping costs may escalate depending on where they are, so they will appreciate your reminding them to order ahead which will save them the extra expense.

Our patients depend on us to keep their skin healthy…. Impress them by planning a couple of months ahead!


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