why doesn’t PCA SKIN recommend using acetone to prep for a peel?

To maximize the penetration and benefits of a chemical peel, peel solutions must be applied by a physician or licensed professional onto clean, degreased skin. As a strong and biocompatible solvent, it would seem that acetone would be a good choice for this purpose.  Although this is the selected method for some, acetone used prior to chemical peeling removes not only the excess sebum that could impede peel penetration, but it also removes an unnecessary amount of the essential cholesterol and lipids from the skin. This tends to leave the skin over-stripped and dry post-procedure, and in the weeks following treatment. A more gentle, yet highly effective option is Smoothing Toner.

PCA SKIN recommends Smoothing Toner to our Certified Professionals, as it is an exceptional choice for preparing skin for the application of any of the PCA SKIN peel solutions. After cleansing with Facial Wash Oily/Problem, this lactic and citric acid-based astringent gently removes any remaining debris or sebum that could reduce the penetration of the selected solution. This method has not only delivered excellent results for over 20 years, but it is a much more pleasant experience for the patient. Acetone is not an unsafe choice, but the dramatic removal of lipids from the skin can be uncomfortable on the skin. With peels that can be performed as frequently as every two weeks (depending on skin condition), an enjoyable treatment experience is obviously preferable. Achieving healthy, beautiful skin depends not only on the daily care a patient uses and the professional treatments you apply, but also relies on the compliance of the patient to return for their scheduled appointments.  Making your treatments pleasant as well as effective will help you deliver for your clientele.


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