the truth about indoor tanning

There was a time when many thought that indoor tanning was actually a good thing. People would routinely tan indoors prior to vacations to avoid getting a sunburn from outdoor exposure.  The truth is that indoor tanning is a highly dangerous activity that increases skin cancer risks dramatically. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School collected data from over 73,000 female nurses from 1989-2009. The research indicated that not only are younger tanners at a higher risk, but even just ONE indoor tanning visit a year increased a woman’s likelihood of developing basal cell carcinoma by 10%. Six or more visits increased that chance by 82%.   Just four tanning sessions increased the chances of non-melanoma skin cancers by 15% and melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 11%. Melanoma is projected to kill 8,790 Americans this year alone. Those are scary numbers.

In addition to the increased cancer risks, indoor tanning creates oxidative damage and increases the visible signs of aging.  The moral of this story is that any tanning is dangerous. To maintain healthy and beautiful skin, indoor tanning should be avoided and daily use of  broad-spectrum UV protection should become habit. Feel free to contact us at PCA SKIN with any questions you may have about protecting yourself from UV damage and skin cancer or to find the best sun protection product for your skin.


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