planning a successful event for your practice

One of the most fun ways to bring both current and new patients through the doors of your practice is to hold an open house event. Many successful practices hold their events at the same time each year, and as the time approaches, patients will begin to ask about it so they can keep that date open in their calendars.

Holding an open house also gets your name out into the community, and many people who find out about it are pleasantly surprised to know there is a skin care practice in their area.

There are many different things you can do to attract people, such as partnering with neighboring businesses, such as wine and beverage stores, catering companies, clothing stores, jewelry stores, etc. Many times these other businesses are happy to work with you to gain exposure for their businesses as well. Partnering with a charity is also a way to attract people to your event. Make it known that a certain percentage of the event’s proceeds will go to a specific charity, and people are more willing to purchase.

Another great way to bring people in is to have different representatives from the product/products that you carry set up a ‘demo’ in each of your treatment rooms. For example, you can have a microdermabrasion demonstration in the first room, in the second room a demonstration of a chemical peel on the hands, in the third room a massage, and at the end a make-up application. Your guests will appreciate having a snack and a drink while learning about and experiencing what your practice has to offer.

Be sure to hold a raffle or drawing. Many companies are more than willing to provide products or services for you to raffle off during your event, plus it adds an exciting element to the evening.

Regardless of the way you choose to plan for your event, get your invitations out early and as the date approaches, follow up with reminder phone calls or contact local media to get the word out.

Planning events can be fun for both the practice and the public…..  And what better way to promote your business than to have a party!


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