why more isn’t always better

In a world of instant gratification where waiting for anything seems unnecessary, we tend to assume that anything we want can be achieved instantaneously. When it comes to correcting skin challenges, this cannot be the assumption. It is common for professionals and consumers alike to seek out the strongest products and treatments available because they assume that the strongest, biggest, fastest MUST be the best. In fact, overly aggressive products and treatments not only do not correct skin challenges, but they are often their cause.

Skin functions as the largest organ of the human body. Its critical importance in leading a healthy life is often overlooked.  Causing unnecessary inflammation triggers defensive mechanisms in the skin that can lead to redness, swelling, rashes, oxidative damage and hyperpigmentation.  The best way to achieve healthy and beautiful skin is to take a low dose approach.  This means using products and treatments that contain the appropriate levels of actives necessary to instigate positive changes in the skin, not too strong, as that can lead to inflammation and irritation.  The days of ‘no pain, no gain’ are thankfully long gone.

All PCA SKIN products and treatments are formulated with this low dose philosophy. One might think that lower percentages of acids or actives means consenting to wait longer for results.  This is not the case.  Often when following the ‘more isn’t better’ approach, dramatic results are achieved even more quickly.

Feel free to contact us anytime at (877) 722.7546 with questions or to find out more about becoming a PCA SKIN Certified Professional. You can also visit us at pcaskin.com, on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @PCASKIN.


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