Not all skin is created equal

Although all skin has similar anatomy, there are surprising differences between skin in different locations on the body, and even different parts of the face. Of special concern is the delicate skin around the lips and the eyes. The differences are affected by both biological and environmental factors.


The skin on the lips is much thinner than most facial skin. Also, the lips do not have sweat glands or the same barrier function as the skin on the rest of the body, making it harder to keep smooth, free of impurities and at the proper temperature. Also, the digestive enzymes contained in saliva can be drying and irritating to the lips and can cause chapping. To keep flakiness and irritation under control, Gentle Exfoliant and Peptide Lip Therapy by PCA SKIN are highly recommended as part of any regular daily regimen.



The area around the eyes is characterized by skin that is substantially thinner than the rest of the face. In addition to the normal breakdown of collagen and elastin that weakens this skin, the constant motion of blinking, smiling and squinting stress this area even more. And, because the eye area contains almost no oil glands, it is critical to keep it properly moisturized. EyeXcellence and ExLinea® Peptide Smoothing Serum is designed to treat the unique needs of the eye area with strengthening antioxidants, peptides and other hydrating and anti-aging ingredients.

Understanding the unique needs of the skin on different parts of the face and will help you provide the best products and treatments for each patient.


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