PCA SKIN® named a Most Admired Company

For the second year in a row, PCA SKIN has been selected to receive the Most Admired Company award. This 2011 recognition for ethical practices, employee satisfaction and exceptional customer service is awarded by AZ Business Magazine, through voting by industry-wide business leaders. The company is thrilled to receive this praise for its commitment to improving people’s lives: employees, customers and community members alike.

As an Arizona-based healthcare company, PCA SKIN has been improving people’s lives for over two decades.  Our mission and vision outlines ethics in business as core to success, and empowers our customers, employees and leadership to explore their intellectual curiosity and desire to serve others.  The result is a workplace that is respectful, vibrant, environmentally aware and exciting.

As a team, we work to improve the industry by offering best in class products that help physicians and clinicians treat their patients’ skin. We also believe strongly in the science behind healthy skin and do not create any marketing or public relations pieces that profess anything but the truth. Although untrue or inflated claims are common in the medical skin care industry, PCA SKIN consciously rises above this ‘noise.’

We embrace truth, science, education and caring for others, and help develop rewarding and passionate careers for our internal staff as well as for our customers. The members of this organization feel they are lucky to be part of an industry that can have such a positive impact on how people look and feel. Being able to share this dedication to improving people’s lives with their local and global communities, industry and customers fulfills a calling.

PCA SKIN is honored to be recognized as a Most Admired Company for 2011. We thank our extended network of PCA SKIN Certified Professionals for supporting us in our efforts to improve people’s lives.


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