teens and chemical peels

Chances are you have young clients who are concerned with their skin.  Typically, teens want help with acne and breakouts.  Daily product use is essential, but what about chemical peels?

Breakouts can begin as early as age 11 and continue on into adulthood.  When parents bring their teenager in for a peel, it is recommended to get their consent and, if necessary, the permission of their physician or pediatrician.

Another concern is the child’s lifestyle and how compliant they will be with SPF use – especially after a chemical peel.  Also, if the child is involved in sports or PE class in school, they are likely to work up a sweat.  It is recommended to stay cool within the first 48 hours post-treatment, so this could be a concern. 

Clay-based, salicylic and enzyme masks are a great alternative to peels for treating teens.  Masks are removed resulting in less time on tissue than peels, and they don’t create as much visible exfoliation, which can also be a concern for teens.

When treating our teenage patients, dig a little deeper and ask a lot of questions.  This way, you will be able to provide the best treatments based on their unique needs and lifestyles.


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