the importance of broad-spectrum

Some of our customers have asked us why we chose to use both physical and chemical sunscreen ingredients in our new suite of sun protection products.  The current sun protection factor (SPF) number rating system only identifies the amount of UVB protection a sunscreen product provides.  This has led some to feel that they are being misled by the makers of these products, as there is the UVA spectrum to consider, as well.  A new rating system for identifying the amount of UVA protection a product offers is under consideration that could be helpful to consumers when looking for true broad-spectrum protection.

Although UVA protection is vitally important to healthy skin, it is important not to forget about UVB rays. UVB are the rays which were originally identified as cancer-causing and which are capable of producing much more cutaneous harm than UVA rays. The most complete and successful protection demonstrated to date for UVB defense is a combination of zinc oxide and octinoxate.  Sunscreens containing only zinc oxide or a combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide offer less complete protection than one containing both zinc oxide and octinoxate.

Additionally, products containing solely zinc oxide or titanium dioxide tend to be very thick and not appealing for daily use.  Wearing broad-spectrum protection every day, not just when on the beach or expecting extended exposure, is the key to keeping skin healthy and avoiding premature aging of the skin and some cancers.

We chose to provide this proven combination of physical and chemical agents to offer our PCA SKIN customers the best possible protection available in a suite of cosmetically elegant sunscreens they would love to wear daily.


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