the power of pumpkin

This time of year, the thought of pumpkin is typically visions of pie.  Aside from is role in holiday desserts, this nutritious and delicious vegetable is also great for your skin. The natural enzymes found in pumpkin have excellent keratolytic properties and help release impacted cells from the stratum corneum, leaving the skin smooth and soft.  This is especially important in the winter months when colder temperatures and lower humidity can leave skin dry and flaky.

In the exfoliation of the skin, enzymes function differently from acids. Alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate by dissolving the bonds (desmosomes) holding cells together, while enzymes work by digesting keratinized skin cells.  Exfoliation with enzymes is typically a more gentle process than with single acid peels, and highly effective.

In addition to the excellent surface-smoothing action provided by its enzyme component, pumpkin is also a rich source of vitamins A and C, and a host of other beneficial nutrients.  Treat yourself and your patients to a professional pumpkin mask.  The result is smooth, glowing and healthy skin.

To find out more about pumpkin treatments, call 877.PCA.SKIN [722.7546] to speak with one of our highly trained Practice Development Consultants today.


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