hydrate your skin with a chemical peel, really?

Yes, really. Unfortunately, the words ‘chemical peel’ often conjure images of a less than pleasant experience that leaves behind redness, irritation and downtime.  With the right treatment, performed by a trained professional, this outcome is not necessary.  Instead, your skin can be smooth, hydrated, healthy and glowing with no downtime at all.

One of the best ways to ensure that your moisturizers and other treatment topicals are able to penetrate into your skin to provide their intended benefit, is to minimize the amount of impacted skin cells that are lying on the surface of your skin.  A gentle blended chemical peel can do just that. Now, if it is just the removal of the dull surface layer that is the goal, that can also be accomplished with scrubs, enzymes, microdermabrasion and other exfoliation techniques.  The unique action of a well-formulated chemical peel is that it simultaneously releases the impacted surface layer while delivering hydrating, plumping, strengthening and brightening ingredients into the skin.  This leaves skin healthy and hydrated.  Once the skin is free of the dull surface layer, any products applied topically will penetrate more efficiently to allow the skin to receive maximum benefits.

All of the PCA SKIN blended TCA peels are excellent choices for brightening, smoothing, strengthening and hydrating the skin.  There is an option for all skin types, Fitzpatrick type and skin challenge.  Sensi Peel®, Ultra Peel® I and Ultra Peel Forte® are all excellent choices.  Call us at 877.PCA.SKIN [722.7546] for more information about our unparalleled chemical peels, and our educational opportunities that can prepare licensed professionals to be PCA SKIN peel experts.


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