natural versus synthetic

As consumers we are continuously charged with making responsible decisions in many areas of our lives.  The types of decisions and the information needed to make good choices is constantly evolving.  The question at the checkout counter used to be “paper or plastic?”, now we bring our own reusable bags.  This migration toward making environmentally reposnsible decisions can make the selection of skin care products an extremely confusing process.  Here are some points to help identify the fact from fiction:

  • The word chemical has come to mean something bad. This is misleading, as even water is a chemical.
  • There is also confusion around the use of the word organic. Anything that contains carbon is considered organic (even petroleum).  In this context, it has nothing to do with whether pesticides were or weren’t used in the growing of a substance.
  • The idea that somehow everything that is synthetic is bad is completely false. Engineering molecularly identical ingredients in a lab allows us to use ingredients that come from unappealing natural sources.  Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an amazing humectant, but its natural source is typically rooster combs. Synthetic HA has identical efficacy without being animal derived.

Unfortunately, companies often use this terminology in marketing materials without accurate explanations, leading to further confusion.  At PCA SKIN we use best-in-class ingredients that come from the best and most responsible sources. We will always get you the honest information that you need to make skin health decisions easy.  Feel free to contact us any time with your questions and comments.


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