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Successful people have many things in common. For one, their intellectual curiosity drives them to continuously seek out new information. This is also true for skin care clinicians. Those who stay up on the latest information on topical ingredients, new treatments and advances in skin conditions attract a larger patient base. Increased knowledge not only helps get better results for your patients, it also deepens the trust relationship you have with them.

PCA SKIN is known for their education in the skin health industry.

PCA SKIN is known for their education in the skin health industry.

No one ever knows everything. We can learn from peers, publications, seminars, online media and many other sources. Continuing education, even after many years in the industry, will keep you at the top of your field and keep your business thriving.

PCA SKIN has been a trusted leader in skin health education for over two decades. We have an unwavering dedication to sharing honest science and time-tested methods of treatment with our Certified Professionals. In addition to our Skin Biology & Chemical Peel Seminar, Ingredient & Product Knowledge Seminar and Advanced Treatment Technologies, we now have two new and exciting hands-on seminars.

Peel Fundamentals: A Hands-On Course and Advanced Peeling Techniques for Complex Skin Conditions: A Hands-On Course are now available to licensed professionals that have previously attended the Skin Biology & Chemical Peel Seminar. These classes offer an excellent opportunity to practice what you have learned and hone your skills.

You can find out more about all of our educational offerings by contacting a highly-trained member of our Practice Development Group at 877.PCA.SKIN [722.7546] or by visiting http://www.pcaskin.com/education-landing.


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