yes, all patients need moisturizer during the summer

As summer kicks into high gear, many patients stop using their moisturizers that were necessary during the cold dry winter months. Especially in particularly humid climates, wearing sunscreen moisturizers daily can feel unbearable, especially to those with oily skin. Even some patients with dry skin feel their winter nighttime moisturizer is too rich during summer.

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Regardless of skin type, everyone needs a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection moisturizer every day and some type of hydration in the evening. The key to keeping all of your patients’ skin healthy year-round is re-assessing skin health needs as the seasons change.

oily skin

Patients with oily and breakout-prone skin may not need an emollient moisturizer, but they do need to keep the moisture in their skin at appropriate levels in order to minimize the chances of over-drying the skin. When skin becomes dehydrated, the sebaceous glands respond by increasing sebum production, which is clearly not a plus for someone with already oily skin. UVA/UVB sun protection moisturizers with a light texture and calming benefits are the best choice for oily patients. For evening moisture, choose either a light hydrator like Clearskin that provides essential fatty acids to help keep skin balanced and free of excess sebum production; or Hydrating Serum, which will keep intracellular moisture levels balanced without the surface texture of a moisturizer.

dry skin

Most patients with dry skin will typically feel some relief as summer approaches and humidity levels rise. These patients should, of course, continue the daily use of their broad spectrum sun protection. Some may choose an SPF with a matte finish during the summer months. There is less concern that these patients will discontinue the use of evening moisturizer altogether, but there may be better options for them during hotter months. Those who use Silkcoat® Balm or Collagen Hydrator in the winter may appreciate a switch to the lighter Après Peel® Hydrating Calm. The soy-derived antioxidant genestein provides protective calming benefits that are particularly useful during times of increased UV exposure.

Taking the time to meet with your patients as the seasons change to ensure they are using the appropriate daily care products reinforces your relationship with them and helps deepen patient-clinician trust. Feel free to call any of our highly-trained Practice Development team members for suggestions about how to adjust your patients’ regimens for optimum year-round skin health at 877.PCA.SKIN [722.7546].


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