a tip for those new to peels

We have all experienced being new at something. Chemical peeling is a category that makes people more nervous when they are new — and for good reason. Even with the PCA SKIN focus on gentle peels that don’t cause trauma in the skin, it is good to have a healthy respect for a peel solution. If you have followed the proper patient selection guidelines and you are comfortable that you have chosen the appropriate solution for your patient, but you are still just a bit nervous, here are some strategies to help you tip-toe into your treatment.

PCA SKIN's peels are self-neutralizing, leaving patients with little to no downtime following treatment.

PCA SKIN’s peels are self-neutralizing, leaving patients with little to no downtime following treatment.

After applying the selected PCA SKIN peel solution to your cotton pad, you can dilute the first layer in the following ways:

  1. If you are not concerned about sensitivity, but are a bit nervous yourself, apply a bit of Smoothing Toner to the cotton pad on top of the four to five spots of solution you have put on your cotton. This dilutes the solution only slightly and allows you to gauge the patient’s reaction.
  2. If you are a bit more concerned with sensitivity you can do the same, but use the Nutrient Toner. This dilutes the first layer a bit more.

If after the first, diluted layer they are fine (which in most cases they are), go ahead and apply a second layer of peel solution on its own. This trick helps newer clinicians feel comfortable and confident in their success with PCA SKIN peels. This is NOT a necessary step; this is specifically for those who may be looking for strategies for treating hypersensitive patients or for those that may be new to chemical peels.

Always feel free to call our Practice Development Group at 877.PCA.SKIN [722.7546] with any questions. We are always here to help Monday-Friday from 7am-8pm Arizona Time.


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