those amazing aquaporins

Aquaporins are water channels located within the membranes of every cell in the body. In the skin, these selective pathways allow only certain water-loving molecules to enter the cell itself. Research shows that the only topical ingredients capable of passing through the aquaporins in the deep epidermis are water, urea and glycerin, making these “supermoisturizers” that can deliver hydration to the skin cells both internally and externally.

Understanding the function of these water channels answers is an ongoing debate in the skin health industry. Many doubt whether topically applied products are able to penetrate through the stratum corneum to deliver moisture and important nutrients to the skin. Yes, many ingredients do work by sitting on the skin’s surface to attract and bind moisture, but we also know that the aquaporins allow glycerin and urea to penetrate the hydrated stratum corneum to benefit the deeper layers of the skin.

We are happy that PCA SKIN’s Hydrating Serum is back in stock! This clinician and patient favorite contains a blend of humectant and occlusive ingredients, including urea and glycerin, that deliver deep, soothing moisture to all skin types and conditions.


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